Czech Republic v Switzerland – post match

Best players were Sionko for the Czech Republic and Benaglio the goalkeeper for the Swiss.  Sionko reminds me of a combo between Craig Bellamy of Wales and Martin Petrov of Bulgaria/Man City.  Czechs didn’t deserve to win and neither did the Swiss though the latter were the more dynamic on the counter.  No real chances for the Czechs except for the goal and a missed header by Sionko.  They will have to do better to get through against the Turks.  Too bad Frei had to go off injured at the end of the first half – he was the best player on the pitch in the first half.  Barnetta was a relative disappointment given his pace and ball control on the wing but did come alive in the last 20 minutes and almost scored on Cech.  Clear penalty on a handball not given in the 79th against the Czechs and a shot off the crossbar.  A fair result would have been a draw.

Pre-game prediction:  Czech Repubic 1  Switzerland 1

Result: Czech Republic 1  Switzerland 0

Scorers: Sverkos (Czech Republic)

Ronaldo and friends up next….


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