Portugal vs Turkey – Half time

No surprise that Portugal look the better side and have controlled posession and had the better chances – one goal disallowed for offside and a Ronaldo free kick saved off the post.  However, Turkey looks comfortable enough and have moments of decent football. 

Portugal needs to learn from Manchester United regarding how to play with Ronaldo.  Get him the ball.  He is the best in the world, not Simao or Nuno Gomes.  He is going to start dropping deeper to get the ball and that puts him further from goal.  Let him start moving inside to get more of the ball.  Portugal’s problem is the lack of a good striker.  Gomes is neither big nor fast.  I would take Simao and Gomes off and bring on Quaresma and either Postiga or Nani and allow them to interchange with Ronaldo.  Simao is just not good enough in my book.  Deco needs to start dominating the ball – he and Moutinho should be getting the ball every time they start out of their end.  But the team does look dynamic going forward and very comfortable on the ball.  Look for Ronaldo to start making longer runs in the second half.

For Turkey, play it down the middle.  Forget the left wing.  They are not going to get change from Bosingwa.  Press Ferreira who doesn’t play at left back normally and isn’t as quick or just go through the middle.  Emre, Tuncay and Nihat can get it going.  Altintop needs to shoot a bit more – he has a great shot.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see them sneak a goal.

Portugal should win….


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