Portugal vs Turkey – post match

Form held.  Pepe finally had one count and Nuno Gomes tested the woodwork twice though the Turks had a couple of chances to equalize before Meireles put away Moutinho’s sweet turn and layoff.  Portugal looked better in the second half though the defense looked a bit shaky at the end.  I really like how Moutinho seems to be coming on.  If Deco doesn’t get to top gear, Moutinho looks like he can pick up the slack.  He looked very good in the box coming through on a late run and controlling and almost putting one away before blazing one over from outside the box.  His last turn and layoff for the goal was brilliant.  He might be one of the stars of the tournament if Portugal goes late into the tournament.

Pre-game prediction: Portugal 2 Turkey 1

Results: Portugal 2 Turkey 0

Scorers: Pepe, Meireles (Portugal)

Players of the game: Ronaldo for Portugal.  While Nihat and Kazim had a few moments, the big center back, Servet Cetin was my pick.

1 and 1 for the day, getting ready for Group B…


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