Germany vs Poland – post match

Germany in the first half looked as if they were still at World Cup 2006 with even Loew looking like a brunette Klinsmann on the sidelines (okay so that’s pushing it but just a bit). The Poles matched them for a few minutes as well with Krzynowek, who has a howitzer in his left foot (ask Casillas if he remembers the blast he put by him when he played at Leverkusen), blasting over after a weak punch out by Lehmann. After that it was almost all Germany. The passing was quick. They interchanged and moved off the ball well and Klose was at his usual unselfish best and almost laid on an open net for Mario Gomez before doing so for Podolski. Two players conspiring to score against their birth country must be tough for the Poles. Gomez had a poor game and flubbed a couple of sitters but he will come good. Must have been nerves today. I liked that Podolski played in the hole – he was man of the match even if he hadn’t scored both goals. His aggressiveness and movement were great. This is going to give Podolski all the confidence he needs and, especially if Gomez comes on as I believe, Germany is going to be tough as they will score. The center of the defense looks suspect though as Metzelder doesn’t have match sharpness and Mertesacker is too slow for small and quick strikers.

Germany will win the group and I believe Poland will come through in second. Roger needs to start as he was the only one who seemed to have any luck going forward – Poland’s player of the match IMO.

Pre-game prediction: Germany 1 Poland 0

Result: Germany 2 Poland 0

Scorers: Podolski 2 (Germany)

Perfect on Sunday and 3 and 1 with my picks so far. Interestingly enough no game has seen both sides score in the same match. Big day coming up tomorrow – the Group of Death – and one in which I predict at least one of the matches will have both sides score. With the players falling by the wayside even before game time, they are taking this a bit too far. We’d prefer they die on the field instead of hurting themselves and sitting out the games 🙂 ….


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