Spain vs Russia – half time

Yes, Spain is two up.  Yes, the two striker formation is working.  Torres looks like he is only in third gear and still blowing by the right back.  However, the center of the defense for Spain just does not inspire confidence.  I actually believe that the Russians have played better football in the first half.  It’s amazing that they walk it up, let Spain get behind the ball and still are managing to find open players in the middle of the box.  If not for the post, this game would probably be tied up.

I think Spain should make a substitution.  Cesc for Silva.  Silva hasn’t done anything yet.  For the next game, I would start Sergio Garcia and Cesc instead of Silva and Iniesta.  Except for setting up Villa’s goal at the death, Iniesta has had a poor game.

It will be interesting if Russia get one back with 20 minutes to go…


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