Sweden vs Greece – post match

There were three good things about this match – that Greece lost, Ibrahimovic’s goal and that Greece lost.  I know you are allowed to play however you want to play, and I understand packing eleven behind the ball and playing for the counter attack.  The top club teams in Europe see that every week against the lesser sides.  However, I have never seen a FIRST game where one side passed the ball between their backs for two to four minutes at a time without even trying to move it forward.  It was disgraceful from the Greeks and for once, the game was not cruel to the other side.

Ibrahimovic’s rocket justified CH12’s faith in his ability – Andy Gray should give him a public apology for questioning his performance in big games (didn’t you see the last game of the Serie A?).  Fantastic one two with Henrik Larsson followed by a shot that would be characterized as a bit of a mishit from a lesser striker.  I give him the benefit of the doubt and say he meant to strike it that way.  High risk, outstanding result.  Nothing more to say about the game – the second goal was an absurd pinball through the five hole.  You couldn’t score it that way if you tried it fifty times.

Pre-game prediction: Sweden 2 Greece 0

Result: Sweden 2 Greece 0

Scorers: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Petter Hansson (Sweden)

CH12 (I don’t quite see how Ronaldo finds this mnemonic thing cool – CR7 sounds like an Audi and CH12 sound like a hydrocarbon) is now 5 and 3 for the tournament.  Round 2 coming up…


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