Group A second round predictions – Portugal v Czech Republic, Switzerland v Turkey

Portugal wins. Scolari will finally tell his guys how to play with Ronaldo – get him the ball as often as you can and then move around and leave him in space as much as you can. Deco and Moutinho will have better games and Ronaldo will finally score. However, it IS big Petr Cech in goal and bigger Jan Koller at the other end, so this is not going to be a walkover. Pepe and Carvalho are going to have to get on their pogo sticks. The Czechs will play better, but Portugal will put a lot more pressure on them than the Swiss (and the Swiss put a lot on them as it is). The Czechs need to start Baros or Sverkos alongside Koller. Also, I think a key mismatch that the Czechs can capitalize on is on the right wing. Paulo Ferreira is overrated and is playing out of position at left back – Sionko needs to eat his lunch and get those crosses in to Koller. This is going to be the best game in group A.

I hope the Swiss win against the Turks. My gut says that Nihat and Tuncay have better games and the Turks will score. Will Switzerland be able to respond with two goals without Frei? I don’t think so, but I think their will gets them a goal – so this is a scoring draw.

Pre-game predictions:

Portugal 2 Czech Republic 1

Switzerland 1 Turkey 1

Second round of group play, here we come. Now there is no room for error….

People – let me know if you are digging CH12 (way better than CR7 or CP3, no?) …



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6 responses to “Group A second round predictions – Portugal v Czech Republic, Switzerland v Turkey

  1. I think Portugal will win. Ronaldo to break his duck in this match.

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  3. Bdiddy

    I agree on Ferreira – he is definitely the weak link on the left side. Weak at D and no threat going forward on that side. I don’t think Cech alone is enough to overcome Portugal’s attack – with Ronaldo playing the way he is.

  4. Shah

    I find your analysis very interesting… Rather i have been only checking out your blogs before i put my money on a side… Mostly i have won except the Swiss vs the Turks… Neverthless, i appreciate your great work… keep it up…

  5. centerhalf12


    Sorry about the Swiss game! You can’t get closer to the draw than that finish…

  6. centerhalf12


    You must not be a Chelsea fan with that comment. You were right on both your points, though only Cech could have almost saved that first goal twice….

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