Switzerland v Turkey – post match

The rain in Switzerland falls mainly in Basel.  Football is supposed to be played on a little bit of a wet surface.  It’s easier to run on it, the ball moves, slide tackles look cool.  It is not supposed to be played on a lake.  It was almost painful to watch players overrun the ball as it got held up by the waterlogged surface.  Hard to give anyone credit for “outplaying” the other team on this type of pitch. 

Yakin – you could have ended this game if you had tucked away your second open net opportunity.  Yes, it was a bang bang play, but you got your foot to it, so it should have been in the back of the net.  Game would have been over.  Oh well, at least Switzerland scored.  The result was cruel.  Two minutes into injury time and a deflection on top of that.  Notice how many goals have been scored on a counter attack off of a corner or goalkeeper save deep at the other end.  Maybe teams need to start putting someone deeper on each wing to stop the break.

Players of the game were Erin Derdiyokfor Switzerland and Volkan Demirel (apparently he CAN stop non penalty strikes). 

As an aside – if you are playing for a country, why wouldn’t you celebrate a goal scored for that country even if the country you scored against was the country of your birth (Podolski – somewhat understandable if you were born there) or where your parents were born (Yakin)?  It’s just weird.  Respect?  I’d rather you run around like you did something great by scoring against my country than what comes off as a bit patronizing or not a worthwhile accomplishment.  Just me.

Pre-game prediction: Switzerland 1 Turkey 1

Result: Switzerland 1 Turkey 2 

Scorers: Hakan Yakin (Switzerland) Semih Senturk, Arda Turan (Turkey)

CH12 is now 6 and 4 and was looking good to go 2 and 0 for the day till the second minute of injury time…


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