Spain v Sweden – post game

This game can be very cruel sometimes.  Sweden didn’t really deserve that outcome though they did pay the price for being overly conservative in the second half, whereas Spain never gave up on trying to get a win.  It almost seemed as if Sweden lost faith in their ability to score a second once Ibrahimovich was substituted at half time.

Sweden did have one chance at scoring when they had a cross flash across the goal with Henrik Larsson narrowly missing out on tucking it into an open net.  Other than that it was all Spanish chances.  Now for a pet rant – WHY DON’T WORLD CLASS PLAYERS HAVE TWO FEET THAT THEY TRUST IN? That’s one major plus for Ronaldo over Messi.  How can you be a true world class player – see Zidane, Ronaldo – when you have no confidence in your “weaker” foot?  So, why the rant – if Silva trusted his right foot, he would have let the cross come across his body and finished past the goalkeeper.  Instead, he tried to control it with his left foot and the moment passed.  Torres couldn’t put away the rebound.

Villa, the man at the death.  Great long ball out of the back.  The defenders shouldn’t have let it bounce like they did and Villa did the rest.  A delicate snick put it past the defender and a great finish made CH12’s crystal ball shine.  About time I got one right in injury time as opposed to the two that went against me…

Pre-game prediction: Spain 2 Sweden 1

Result: Spain 2 Sweden 1

Scorers: Fernando Torres, David Villa (Spain) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

If Russia wins, it’s going to be a great final day matchup against Sweden in Group D…


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