Group D pre-game predictions – Russia v Sweden, Spain v Greece

Let’s get the Spain v Greece game out of the way. Who knows how this turns out. Spain is going to rest most of the squad. Greece is out. This is a useless game to try and predict. I will pick Spain to still win.

Russia and Sweden. I am going with the Russians. They play attractive football. Arshavin (pictured below) is probably going to be starting as the playmaker behind Pavlyuchenko so they should be able to open up defenses even better than they already have been able to. Sweden is going to tire towards the end of the game, especially if they have to chase the game. I expect a slow beginning from Sweden who will hope that Ibrahimovic can start, score a goal in the first half with a moment of brilliance and then sit out the second half with the Swedes banking on not being breached twice as they only need a draw to progress.   This might be the game that one of the Larssons finally scores in.  The odds are stacked against the Russians.

That being said, Russia will open the Swedes up and they will score at least two goals. I think this is a high scoring game as the Swedes will score on the counter as well.

Pre-game prediction: Russia 3 Sweden 2, Spain 1 Greece 0

I am so ready for the quarterfinals – Portugal v Germany, Croatia v Turkey, Spain v Italy and Holland v Sweden/Russia. This is why the Euros is the best football tournament in the world…


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