Porto v Atletico Madrid

This could be the second most exciting tie of the day.  Atletico will have to go for it as Porto has two away goals.  However, they don’t have to go for it till the second half.  Try telling that to such an attacking squad.  I love Aguero, Forlan, Simao and Maxi as a quad going forward.  They are as good as any of the top attacking foursomes in the world.  That said, Porto is tough and, in Lisandro and Lucho, have the ability to score with anyone.  The Dragao is a tough stadium to play in.

Keys:  If Aguero and Forlan play like they did against Real Madrid, they will get goals.  It’s all about the keeper – if Leo is on, they have a good chance of going through.

Surprise match winner:  Maxi.

Prediction: Atletico 2 Porto 1.  Atletico in an upset.


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