Euro 2012 Match 10: Poland vs Russia pre-game prediction

This should be an entertaining game as both sides have shown good offensive desire and play an open game with aggressive wing play and creative midfield attacking (for the first 30 minutes at least for the Poles).  Russia did very well but a lot of it can be attributed to the space that the Czechs gave them.  I assume Poland will not be as open.  A lot will be determined by the result in the prior game.  If it ends in a tie, expect Poland to play conservatively and hope not to lose by more than a goal in order to stay alive for the last match when they will believe they can get a result against the Czech Republic.  That would put them through to the next round.

Pre-game prediction:  Russia 2 Poland 1

Pavlyuchenko and Arshavin to score for Russia and Lewandowski to do the same for Poland.

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