All I care about is football, or soccer if you like.  This blog is a collection of my predictions, discussion on tactics, players, post game analysis primarily centered around the big international tournaments and key club games during the regular season.  Follow me on twitter @centerhalf12 – yes, I am going to start tweeting more regularly.  And drop me a comment telling me how little I know about the game, though I’d prefer it if you also provide alternate viewpoints to get the conversation going.  In life, there is just football …. and everything else.

One response to “About

  1. Mike H.

    Yo! Where are the updates!?! So ManU is your team. I don’t follow the Premiere League but I do follow World Cup like crazy. Saw the Euro championships too. Love soccer or as the rest of the world puts it…futbol.

    I used to really like the Netherlands back in the day when they were led by Bergkamp/Kluivert/Seedorf/Overmars/etc. Of course, Korea is my team :D. They are average at best though.

    Okay, class is resuming now.

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