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Predictions – June 26th Round of 16: Uruguay v S. Korea and US v Ghana

I’ve seen the first round.  Its time for the crystal ball to start speaking in specifics.

S. Korea will beat Uruguay by 2 goals if they score first.  They are too quick on the wings for Uruguay, who struggled against France’s speed in the first half and then weren’t really tested for the rest of the group matches.  S. Korea will corral Diego Forlan and Uruguay doesn’t have the speed or height to test them (maybe Lugano gets a goal off a set piece).

Prediction: S. Korea 3 Uruguay 1

Potential scorers: Park Chu-Yong, Park Ji Sung and Lee Chung-Yong; Suarez.

U.S. / Ghana match is tougher to call.  I will go with the U.S.’s experience to pull this out.  I think Ghana is too young to pull out a close match with the pressure of representing Africa likely to weigh on the young players the longer it goes.

Prediction: U.S. 2 Ghana 1

Potential scorers: Clint Dempsey and Carlos Bocanegra

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France v Uruguay – Prediction

This looks like a scoring draw.  Anelka gets one for France and Suarez or Forlan pulls one back for Uruguay.

France 1 Uruguay 1

I don’t understand how a team with Ribery and Gourcuff is not getting it done.  Lloris is a great goalie.  They have experience.  Strange.  I guess coaching does impact the outcome.  This team would get to the semis if Blanc had been in charge.

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The Crystal Ball for the upcoming season

This is what I sent to one of my buddies on June 5 as a first look at the CH12 crystal ball:

Ronaldo to Madrid by end of month.
Ibra to Barca.
Ribery stays at Bayern or winds up in EPL at Chelsea or Manchester – either City or United
Eto’o to City or Inter
Indians or Kuwaitis own Liverpool before season starts.

So the first one happened – much to my dismay as a United fan. 

It seems like #2 and #4 are about to happen with a swap between Ibra and Eto’o

#3 is looks like its going to be Ribery staying at Bayern or going to Chelsea as Real won’t have the money once they buy Xabi.

That leaves the last one.  Don’t think that’s going to happen.

4 out of 5 is not bad, but was relatively easy.  The things I didn’t see coming – you couldn’t have made me believe that Terry would even be contemplating joining City; Michael Owen joining United; Juve would have the best transfer season in terms of addressing almost all their squad needs while maintaining the base continuity (more on this in a second); Real buying Benzema on top of Kaka and Ronaldo; Newcastle still not sold; Liverpool potentially losing their midfield core.

Further predictions right now:

Regardless of what United says, I think they will buy one big name player before the transfer season closes.  It will happen once the Ibra, Eto’o and Ribery moves are done.  Don’t quite know who else might be left, but I have to believe they are going to bring in someone like Ashley Young or a striker from the Bundesliga or Brazil.

Can’t see David Villa, David Silva and Mata all staying put at Valencia – I think Silva’s gone.  If I had to put my money on the Liga’s best young players to go after, they are Mata, Negredo, Capel and then Silva.  Love Lopez, the goalie from Villareal, too.

Adebayor will fold and sign for the money at City.  Forlan is going to wind up in the EPL.

Juve will win Serie A.  They have had hands down the best transfer season.  Diego at playmaker, with Melo now joining Momo Sissoko to provide the cover in midfield with the other four from Diego, Amauri, Trez (who will probably be gone), Giovinco, Del Piero, Iaquinta and Camoranesi.  If they get Grosso at left back, they are complete.  Chiellini and Cannavaro (yes, he’s a bit suspect but will probably do better in Italy that at Real as he has Momo and Felipe in front of him as opposed to Lass at Real) with Zambrotta at right back.  And of course, Buffon in goal.  That is as solid a squad as you are going to get.  They are my second favorite to win the Champions League as of today.

Ibra will be better for Barca than Eto’o.  He is big, can hold the ball up better and has a better long range shot than Eto’o.  And he is way craftier.  Watch him blossom on a squad where he isn’t the man.

IF Rooney doesn’t get hurt and IF he doesn’t get frustrated like he used to, he will be the best player in the world next season.  Hands down.

Ronaldo will do well in La Liga.  But not as well as people think.  And Real will not win either the Liga or Champions League.  Count on it.  They are better in the back with Albiol and Pepe, and Xabi is the key to the team being able to create from midfield, but Pellegrini’s teams are built on more grit than this team has.  Frankly, they have no chance if they don’t sign Xabi or a strong central midfielder.  Look at the success of Pellegrini’s teams – Riquelme and Senna/Cazorla were keys.  You have to have that and Sneijder is not it.

More later…

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Porto v Atletico Madrid

This could be the second most exciting tie of the day.  Atletico will have to go for it as Porto has two away goals.  However, they don’t have to go for it till the second half.  Try telling that to such an attacking squad.  I love Aguero, Forlan, Simao and Maxi as a quad going forward.  They are as good as any of the top attacking foursomes in the world.  That said, Porto is tough and, in Lisandro and Lucho, have the ability to score with anyone.  The Dragao is a tough stadium to play in.

Keys:  If Aguero and Forlan play like they did against Real Madrid, they will get goals.  It’s all about the keeper – if Leo is on, they have a good chance of going through.

Surprise match winner:  Maxi.

Prediction: Atletico 2 Porto 1.  Atletico in an upset.

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Bayern v Sporting Lisbon / Villareal v Panathinaikos: Pre game prediction

Bayern are going through after their hammering of Sporting Lisbon in the first leg in Lisbon. Only question will be if Ribery starts and if he adds to his tally.

The Villareal game is a bit more tricky. Pana is very tough at home as most Greek teams are and will be even tougher to break down given their two away goals from the first leg. Gilberto and Karagounis are European veterans.
Key: Villareal keeping Pana off the scoreboard. Play like you played at Manchester and keep it tight and hope for Rossi or Pires or Nihat to nick one.
Potential surprise matchwinner: Marcos Senna off a free kick.
Observation: ex-Man United strikers do really well at Villareal – see Forlan and Rossi.
Prediction: I’m changing my mind. 1-1 with Pana going through on away goals.

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