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Group D pre-game predictions – Russia v Sweden, Spain v Greece

Let’s get the Spain v Greece game out of the way. Who knows how this turns out. Spain is going to rest most of the squad. Greece is out. This is a useless game to try and predict. I will pick Spain to still win.

Russia and Sweden. I am going with the Russians. They play attractive football. Arshavin (pictured below) is probably going to be starting as the playmaker behind Pavlyuchenko so they should be able to open up defenses even better than they already have been able to. Sweden is going to tire towards the end of the game, especially if they have to chase the game. I expect a slow beginning from Sweden who will hope that Ibrahimovic can start, score a goal in the first half with a moment of brilliance and then sit out the second half with the Swedes banking on not being breached twice as they only need a draw to progress.   This might be the game that one of the Larssons finally scores in.  The odds are stacked against the Russians.

That being said, Russia will open the Swedes up and they will score at least two goals. I think this is a high scoring game as the Swedes will score on the counter as well.

Pre-game prediction: Russia 3 Sweden 2, Spain 1 Greece 0

I am so ready for the quarterfinals – Portugal v Germany, Croatia v Turkey, Spain v Italy and Holland v Sweden/Russia. This is why the Euros is the best football tournament in the world…

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Turkey v Czech Republic – post game

A Tale of Two Halves. Turkish Delight. Bounced Czech. We Don’t Accept Cechs. Let’s Kahveci.  Any one of these could be the headline.  I choose – ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!!!

I have never seen a major international tournament match finish like that.  The closest proxy was France vs W. Germany in a World Cup 1982 semifinal when France went two goals up in extra time only for the Germans to pull them both back and win it in penalties.  But that went to penalties and the Germans did not score the tying goal with two minutes to go. Yes, the Turks were pressing the whole second half.  However, they did fall behind 2-0 against the run of play on a very good finish by Plasil off a Sionko cross.  This after Koller blew a breakaway by not backheeling it to his trailing teammate and instead missing the near post with a left foot shot. This before Polak almost made it 3-0 by blasting a pass by Sionko onto the post and getting kicked in the head when he went for the rebound.  This game should have been over.

Instead, young Turan scored for the second time in two games to bring it back to 2-1 with 15 minutes to go.  CH12 is still feeling good – hey, this is the score I predicted. NOTE TO GAMBLERS – CH12’s predictions are brilliant if you can place bets for the first 88 minutes or so of regulation.  All bets are off once we get to the last two minutes of regular time and injury time. 

Now here come the Turks. However, when Cetin missed an open header from inside the six yard box to tie it up, I thought that was it.  But, no.  The second best goalkeeper in the world – Cech is behind Buffon (and probably behind Van der Sar and Casillas at this point) – drops a simple cross (don’t blame the rain – the man has played in England for the last four years!) for Nihat to poke it in and tie it. Well, okay, the Turks deserved the equalizer based on the game so far.  Penalty kicks it is.  But, no. Nihat makes a brilliant finish off the underside of the bar with Jankulovski trying to play him offside.  Looked offside to me.  Game over.  Unbelievable.  But, no. We were then subjected to Volkan pushing Koller, getting a red card and Tuncay having to play goalkeeper since Turkey had used up its substitutes.  You can’t make this stuff up.  All we needed was for a Czech cross to be spilled by Tuncay, Koller to score and then go to penalty kicks with Tuncay saving the last kick to put Turkey through. Half of Turkey might have suffered fatal heart attacks by then, so it’s good that that didn’t happen. 

Turkey is through. They will play Croatia in the quarter finals. Don’t worry about Volkan not being there for the quarter final – he’s better at saving penalties than normal shots.  He flubbed two against Sevilla and, while they were tough saves to have to make, should have gotten the second goal after having gotten his hands to both. It’s time for the bench to step up and they have the veteran Rustu Recber, who was so key to their 2002 World Cup run to play between the posts.

I said this was about matchups.  Nihat and Tuncay both came through. Turan came through. Koller came through (no Baros). Rozenhal came through.  Cetin was so so but by and large did his job against Koller.  Sionko was very good.  It came down to the keepers and, unfortunately, Cech made the big error. 

CH12 must be dyslexic and read the crystal ball backwards.  What he meant to say was 3 to 2 would be the score in the Czech/Turkey game and not the Portugal/Switzerland game and vice versa…;)  Anyway, that was a fun day.  Oh, by the way, the Swiss beat Portugal 2-0 with Yakin scoring both (I did predict they would score two goals!).  Thanks for hosting the tournament – we have some nice parting gifts.

Pre-game predictions: Czech Republic 2 Turkey 1, Portugal 3 Switzerland 2

Result: Czech Republic 2 Turkey 3

Scorers: Arda Turan, Nihat Kahveci (2) (Turkey) Jan Koller, Jaroslav Plasil (Czech Republic)

Result: Portugal 0 Switzerland 2

Scorers: Hakan Yakin (2) (Switzerland)

If Germany v Austria provides this kind of drama, we are not going to get to Tuesday alive.  BTW, both games have meaning, I believe, since if Austria beats Germany and Poland beats Croatia, Poland and Austria would be in the reckoning for the second spot in Group B.  Too bad they can’t then fly to a neutral stadium and have penalties to decide the tiebreaker… 

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Group A third round pre-match – Czech v Turkey, Portugal v Switzerland

Portugal are through as winners of Group A and Switzerland are out with two losses against Turkey and Czech Republic.  The winner of the Turkey/Czech Republic game goes through to the next round to play Croatia.  They are even on points, goal difference and goals scored, so if it is a draw at regular time, there will be penalties to determine the winner.

The main game is about matchups.  Both teams play well collectively, have good technical skill, are tough to break down defensively, have had recent success on the world/Euro stage and strikers who are good but yet to set the tournament alight.  Czech Republic vs Turkey.  Petr Cech vs Volkan Demirel in goal. Tuncay and Nihat vs Koller and Baros (and Coach Brueckner needs to start both of them) up front.  Servet Cetin vs Rozenahl at center back. Turan vs Sionko at attacking midfield.  All key matchups that need to be contested.  We need to see Altintop step up for the Turks – he has too much talent to not have an impact.  This is not going to penalties much as that would be highly entertaining given Demirel’s heroics for Fener against Sevilla in the Champions League and Cech’s participation in one of the most dramatic penalty shootouts in recent memory in the 2008 Champions League Final.  I predict a Czech Republic victory in a close game.  Even if it goes to penalties, I will pick the Czechs to win.

“I will make about five changes before the match and the standard three (substitutions) during it,” said Scolari. I wouldn’t be surprised if Switzerland does the same to blood some of the younger players.  So it’s tough to call this one with the Swiss probably desperate to win at least one match at home.  That said, I think the Portugese bench players who start will be desperate to impress Scolari, so the intensity will be even higher.  I predict a Portugal win with Nani and Almeida on the scoreboard.

Pre-game predictions: Czech Republic 2 Turkey 1

Portugal 3 Switzerland 2 

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Switzerland v Turkey – post match

The rain in Switzerland falls mainly in Basel.  Football is supposed to be played on a little bit of a wet surface.  It’s easier to run on it, the ball moves, slide tackles look cool.  It is not supposed to be played on a lake.  It was almost painful to watch players overrun the ball as it got held up by the waterlogged surface.  Hard to give anyone credit for “outplaying” the other team on this type of pitch. 

Yakin – you could have ended this game if you had tucked away your second open net opportunity.  Yes, it was a bang bang play, but you got your foot to it, so it should have been in the back of the net.  Game would have been over.  Oh well, at least Switzerland scored.  The result was cruel.  Two minutes into injury time and a deflection on top of that.  Notice how many goals have been scored on a counter attack off of a corner or goalkeeper save deep at the other end.  Maybe teams need to start putting someone deeper on each wing to stop the break.

Players of the game were Erin Derdiyokfor Switzerland and Volkan Demirel (apparently he CAN stop non penalty strikes). 

As an aside – if you are playing for a country, why wouldn’t you celebrate a goal scored for that country even if the country you scored against was the country of your birth (Podolski – somewhat understandable if you were born there) or where your parents were born (Yakin)?  It’s just weird.  Respect?  I’d rather you run around like you did something great by scoring against my country than what comes off as a bit patronizing or not a worthwhile accomplishment.  Just me.

Pre-game prediction: Switzerland 1 Turkey 1

Result: Switzerland 1 Turkey 2 

Scorers: Hakan Yakin (Switzerland) Semih Senturk, Arda Turan (Turkey)

CH12 is now 6 and 4 and was looking good to go 2 and 0 for the day till the second minute of injury time…

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Group A second round predictions – Portugal v Czech Republic, Switzerland v Turkey

Portugal wins. Scolari will finally tell his guys how to play with Ronaldo – get him the ball as often as you can and then move around and leave him in space as much as you can. Deco and Moutinho will have better games and Ronaldo will finally score. However, it IS big Petr Cech in goal and bigger Jan Koller at the other end, so this is not going to be a walkover. Pepe and Carvalho are going to have to get on their pogo sticks. The Czechs will play better, but Portugal will put a lot more pressure on them than the Swiss (and the Swiss put a lot on them as it is). The Czechs need to start Baros or Sverkos alongside Koller. Also, I think a key mismatch that the Czechs can capitalize on is on the right wing. Paulo Ferreira is overrated and is playing out of position at left back – Sionko needs to eat his lunch and get those crosses in to Koller. This is going to be the best game in group A.

I hope the Swiss win against the Turks. My gut says that Nihat and Tuncay have better games and the Turks will score. Will Switzerland be able to respond with two goals without Frei? I don’t think so, but I think their will gets them a goal – so this is a scoring draw.

Pre-game predictions:

Portugal 2 Czech Republic 1

Switzerland 1 Turkey 1

Second round of group play, here we come. Now there is no room for error….

People – let me know if you are digging CH12 (way better than CR7 or CP3, no?) …


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Portugal vs Turkey – post match

Form held.  Pepe finally had one count and Nuno Gomes tested the woodwork twice though the Turks had a couple of chances to equalize before Meireles put away Moutinho’s sweet turn and layoff.  Portugal looked better in the second half though the defense looked a bit shaky at the end.  I really like how Moutinho seems to be coming on.  If Deco doesn’t get to top gear, Moutinho looks like he can pick up the slack.  He looked very good in the box coming through on a late run and controlling and almost putting one away before blazing one over from outside the box.  His last turn and layoff for the goal was brilliant.  He might be one of the stars of the tournament if Portugal goes late into the tournament.

Pre-game prediction: Portugal 2 Turkey 1

Results: Portugal 2 Turkey 0

Scorers: Pepe, Meireles (Portugal)

Players of the game: Ronaldo for Portugal.  While Nihat and Kazim had a few moments, the big center back, Servet Cetin was my pick.

1 and 1 for the day, getting ready for Group B…

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Portugal vs Turkey – Half time

No surprise that Portugal look the better side and have controlled posession and had the better chances – one goal disallowed for offside and a Ronaldo free kick saved off the post.  However, Turkey looks comfortable enough and have moments of decent football. 

Portugal needs to learn from Manchester United regarding how to play with Ronaldo.  Get him the ball.  He is the best in the world, not Simao or Nuno Gomes.  He is going to start dropping deeper to get the ball and that puts him further from goal.  Let him start moving inside to get more of the ball.  Portugal’s problem is the lack of a good striker.  Gomes is neither big nor fast.  I would take Simao and Gomes off and bring on Quaresma and either Postiga or Nani and allow them to interchange with Ronaldo.  Simao is just not good enough in my book.  Deco needs to start dominating the ball – he and Moutinho should be getting the ball every time they start out of their end.  But the team does look dynamic going forward and very comfortable on the ball.  Look for Ronaldo to start making longer runs in the second half.

For Turkey, play it down the middle.  Forget the left wing.  They are not going to get change from Bosingwa.  Press Ferreira who doesn’t play at left back normally and isn’t as quick or just go through the middle.  Emre, Tuncay and Nihat can get it going.  Altintop needs to shoot a bit more – he has a great shot.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see them sneak a goal.

Portugal should win….

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